- The start of my career is to be found in journalism: as a writer for magazines and newspapers. My articles featured in Het Parool, De Nieuwe Revue, Ajax Magazine and other media.
- Copywriter/ Creative: Allround atl/ btl/ digital writer for independent & network agencies (Imagine', J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam, Tribal & DDB Amsterdam, Selmore) winning clients, cannes lions and received many pat's- on- the- back.
- Dutch and English writer.
I disappointed my father for not going to lawschool, like he once did. He was let down, again (my sister and two brothers also chose a different career path). Years later, i made it up to him. Or at least, i tried. By explaining him the sole purpose of being a solid copywriter; i weigh my words carefully, with every sentence, but i choose them playfully. I combine an analytic mind with the utmost effective, creative solutions. Ideas with a strong strategic footprint, originated within a (product based) truth. Which gives me the chance to defend and debate my concepts in front of the most strict and professional judges my clients usually are. Just like my father did during his career, as an outstanding lawyer. 
He heard me out, while shaking his head in disbelief, looking at what i was wearing. Judging my not-so clean shaven chin, jeans, shirt - the casual wardrobe of a creative - he claimed i would make a lousy lawyer, not wearing a suit. Lurking behind this argument, my father couldn’t hide he was at least a bit proud.
> 2003           Selling (fake) paintings door- to- door, cleaning carwindows in front of
                        trafficlights, picking banana's, working night-shifts in factories, bartending,
                        attending bars, picking people 's pockets by phone (telemarketing) and
                        many more shitty and sometimes very interesting jobs that make my work
                        feel like an endless holiday.
2003-2005     Freelance writer - Writing articles and columns for newspaper and
                        magazines,   s.a. Het Parool, Magazine De Nieuwe Revue,
                        Ajax Magazine.
2005- 2007     Agency Imagine'
2007- 2010     J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam
2010- 2011      DDB & Tribal Amsterdam
2011- 2014      Selmore Agency
2014 -2015     J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam
2015 >             Freelance Creative Director | Copywriter
Hyper Island Masterclass -2010
Schrijversvakschool -  Writing Short stories - 2002
VU - Course Writing & journalism - 1997
HBO Communication & PR - 1997-2001
Schoevers- Marketing Degree Nima-A -1997
Schoevers- Blind Typing - one of my most prestigious diploma's - 1997

Agencies Invited to the table as a freelance creative for great briefings at agencies s.a. Superheroes (digital), Dawn (ATL), Buutvrij (digital), Dorst & Lesser (social / digital), MiniVegas (social/video), Oxfordhouse (ATL), Being There (ATL), Kokoro (ATL), XXS (ATL & Activation), Launched (Activation), Steam (digital). Brandfighters (social/ digital), Vice Media (influencer/social/digital/ branded content), Likefriends (digital), Shoq Creative Studio (Digital), Khanna & Reidinga (ATL/ Activation), Noise, Selmore (ATL), Anomaly Amsterdam, Prophets Antwerp (ATL/digital), Havas Boondoggle Leuven (ATL & digital), N=5 (ATL/digital/social), Sweet, Mediamonks

Pitch Winst 2015-2017 (Freelance)
Audi ATL & Digital Benelux - Agency Prophets Antwerp
South African Tourism (Digital) - Agency ANYONE?
Under Armour (Digital/ Activation) - Likefriends
Kit Kat /Nestlé (Digital/ Activation/ Social) - Vice Media
Hema account (ATL, BTL & Digital) - Agency XXS 
Domino's Pizza (Digital & Activation) - Havas Boondoggle Leuven 
AirBnB (Digital & Activation) - Digital Agency Superheroes
HEMA, Bavaria Beer, Grolsch Beer, Heineken Beer, Amstel Beer,
GoGo Travel, Husk Travel, LG, Philips, AirBnB, NPO, EasyJet,, De Bijenkorf,
Lexus, Toyota, MINI, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Smiths, NS, Ziggo, ABN AMRO Bank, ING Bank, Rabo Bank, Fortis Bank, Alex Beleggersbank, Essent, Eneco, Vattenfal, Unilever, KNGF Geleidehonden, Bros, KitKat, Nationale Nederlanden, Rabobank, Gamma, Andrelon, Dixons, Etos, Randstad, Ministerie van Justitie, OCW, ING, Belastingdienst, Douane, ANWB, Agis, Betadine, WNF, National Geographic Magazine, Ministerie van VROM, War Child, EduKans, Rotterdam Climate Initiative, Greenpeace and many others. 

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